Meeting Vahan exhibition "Meeting"

28.08.16, Alena Rimko

The fact that I met Vahan completely changed my life. I even cannot imagine what would have happened if we hadn’t met. However, I can say for sure what wouldn’t have happened : no exciting twister of emotions or spirits, no trial of stamina or patience, no overwhelming generosity, no extensional sound of color outside and inside, no childish credence or sincerity, no  knighthood or  doudlethink or vision, no accomplishment, no wisdom or  entire freedom…

 Sometimes one quality is enough  for a lifetime to go up and, then, to fall down, to reach what had been given by your destiny or just lock this inconvenient, always teasing soul urge thousand times… Not everyone has enough courage to follow their inner voice ( not passion, no), to give it all without any hesitation and to be absolutely devoted to this one particular path which had been chosen once…

 And it is even more complicated for the artist who has chosen to be loyal to creativity. This idea is ephemeral by itself as it requires constant desire of soul, taste, perception, acute intuition to profesy hypocracy and uncompromising devotion to art. Once  Vahan said : “… art is a husband, not a wife. It is you who run for it being afraid to be late in the same way as a woman  hurries to come back home…”

 Vahan was always faithful to art everywhere and in everything.

 I guess, he found the core of it. He didn’t have any kind of falsity, only indomitable artistic energy, although it seemed from time to time that it was about to blare through anything. He involved everyone into the whirlpool of movement, action and creativity generously giving out his talent having a great  influence on everyone even if they had just come around for a moment .

 I was lucky enough to meet Vahan!

Today Vahan’s sensual presence and a golden opportunity to communicate with him are in his paintings, it is your  “Appointment” with the artist.

Enjoy your experience!